ABC Refinery Liquidation Provides an Overview of Their Process

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ABC Refinery liquidation explains that refining gold is the last stage of gold production. From a high level, the refining process involves eradicating any impurities that remain the gold after the smelting process has taken place. ABC Refinery liquidations takes scrap gold as well as gold bars and other objects with pieces of gold and liquify them in an incredibly hot furnace. Trained experts are then able to add different chemicals to the molten material that separates gold from any other objects in the liquid. Every batch is checked and tested to measure the purity of the gold after separation. Modern technology has made it possible for ABC Refinery liquidation to routinely reach a purity level of 99.999 percent. All pure gold can then be recast into bars or other materials.

Once the gold is cast into the desired shape, there are quite a few things that can happen. Usually, the purification process is completed only for another metal to be added to a portion of the gold to form an alloy. The reason being that pure gold is quite simply too soft to be utilized in most applications. A lot of consumers don’t realize that when they buy jewelry, they are buying some type of alloy. For example, white gold is a combination of gold with either nickel, silver or palladium. The price of said jewelry will often change based on what type of alloy is utilized.

Also, those new to purchasing jewelry will often know to look for the number of karats present. ABC Refinery liquidation points out that they don’t always know what this means. For starters, karats refer to the level of gold in an object as opposed to whatever other metals are added to it.  With no pun intended, 24-karat gold is the gold standard as it is 100 percent gold. 12-karat gold would be exactly half as much. While many will just assume that 24-karat gold is best. It really depends on the purpose of the jewelry. A lot of people look for 14-karat gold because it allows for a durable product that looks great and is often in the buyer’s price range.

Jewelry makes up for about two-thirds of the global demand for gold. However, gold is utilized in countless industries. Future posts will examine the many uses of gold after it goes through the liquidation process at ABC Refinery liquidation.

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