ABC Refinery Liquidation Looks Back at The History of Australian Gold Rushes

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ABC Refinery liquidation exists because we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our ability to produce prime investment opportunities. Today, ABC Refinery liquidation utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide the purest gold and silver materials in the industry. All of this is possible because of the rich history of gold in Australia. This blog post will touch on the origin of gold rushes in Australia and how that has helped lead to ABC refinery liquidation becoming one of the leaders of the entire gold industry.

ABC Refinery liquidation points out that the first documented gold discovery in Australia can be traced back all the way to 1851. It was in May of this year that prospector Edward Hargraves discovered gold in Orange, Australia. Hargraves was part of the Californian gold rush and brought a knowledge of new prospecting techniques with him to Australia. These techniques included panning and cradling. By 1854, Hargraves had helped lead to the discovery of gold to the north, east, west, and south of Sydney.

ABC Refinery liquidation says the discovery of gold helped the economy boom all over Australia. When word got out of the gold discovery, diggers flocked to the area. Those who did not find riches were still drawn to the beauty of the area and many found other jobs and started their families in local communities.

Three years after the first discovery of gold in the country, the Victorian Gold Discovery Committee wrote about gold discovered in Victoria saying, “The discovery of the Victorian Goldfields has converted a remote dependency into a country of world wide fame; it has attracted a population, extraordinary in number, with unprecedented rapidity; it has enhanced the value of property to an enormous extent; it has made this the richest country in the world; and, in less than three years, it has done for this colony the work of an age, and made its impulses felt in the most distant regions of the earth.”

The population in Australia more than tripled over the next 20 years. ABC Refinery liquidation explains that the excitement and hope caused by the discovery of gold is a sentiment they share every time their state-of-the-art technology helps provide the purest gold and silver extracts possible. With such a special history of gold discovery in Australia, it’s exciting for ABC Refinery to lead the way to determine what happens next.

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