ABC Refinery Liquidation Discusses Why Gold and Silver Are Made for Today’s Market

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ABC Refinery liquidation helps provide optimal investment opportunities for those looking to increase their net worth. Gold and silver help provide stability in unstable times for investors. Currently, gold and silver are trading near production costs. Gold has been setting records this year and many are turning to gold to preserve their purchasing power in case of a recession. They are doing this because there are some trends that signal that a recession may be near.

ABC Refinery liquidation explains that worries of an impending recession in America and the world at large can be linked to many different factors. Although record highs are currently being enjoyed in real estate, stocks and bonds, CEO turnover is also at a record pace. 2008 saw a record amount of CEO turnover, which made sense as it was the year of the economic crash. CEO turnover in 2019 is linked to many companies struggling to modernize in a way that is maximizing cash flow. When CEO’s change, instability rises and that’s when the market needs to be on the lookout.

ABC Refinery liquidation points out that another very clear warning sign comes in the form of bank closures. There are more options than ever for people looking to get credit and banks are having a tough time competing. More than 1,200 bank branches have shut down this year. ABC Refinery liquidation believes this is a number to watch as it serves as a great warning sign for investors.

Another warning sign, and most warning signs point back to this issue, is how traditional stores are dealing with an online marketplace. For examples, more than 10,000 retail stores have closed thus far in 2019. This not only impacts those brick and mortar stores but the strength of commercial real estate investments.

When the recession of 2007-2008 hit, gold and silver became arguably the most sought-after investments. The stability provided by these precious metals saw their value triple in three-years’ time. While no one wishes for a recession, it’s a reality that should be prepared for. Incorporating a healthy dose of silver and gold into a portfolio is the best way to protect one’s ability to provide for themselves and their families. The reality is that some warning signs are worse than they were before ‘07-‘08. While gold and silver don’t have to be the sole investment, they should always be considered to maximize safety in investments.

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